Creative Medway is a big idea, that all started from a Cultural Strategy written by over 150 members of the local community.

This big idea is that by driving access to creativity and culture, Medway will be put on the map and a better future will be built for everyone in the area.

The brief

When we were approached for this project, Creative Medway was just an idea and strategy document that needed to be brought to life.

Our task was vast, but simple; to create a visual identity for Creative Medway, to also include an accessible website and brand collateral. This identity needed to inspire the people of Medway and the surrounding areas, and ultimately shine a light on Medway’s creativity and culture.

The solution

With this being an initiative for the community, run by the community, we knew we would require local insight before putting (figurative) pen to paper. Therefore, our journey began with a series of discovery workshops that allowed us to gain insight directly from individuals working within the community. These outputs then formed the basis of our creative strategy moving forward.

This led us to developing the bright, graphic creative direction that we now see.

The logo is a visual representation of the community, with the M in Medway becoming the ‘key’ to unlocking its creativity. Our patterns take inspiration from the shapes of Medway’s architecture, and fabrics of its diverse people. We wanted to ensure that this brand was playful and creative, but also had a modern and graphical edge that promoted action and authenticity.

From here, we brought the new brand online through the development of an online hub that showcased what Creative Medway is, how people could get involved, and a live calendar of upcoming events. Accessibility and inclusivity were key to this website, and so alongside adhering to all digital accessibility guidelines, we also implemented the toolbar. This allows users to change the fonts, colours, text size and many other elements, allowing them to access the site in the best way for them.

In the launch month we achieved:

website sessions
average engagement time
new social media followers
social media impressions
social media engagements