Death to PowerPoint

Death to PowerPoint<br>with UNDECKED

We love it when a fun brief lands on our desk, and this one certainly caught our eye! The guys at UNDECKED were setting up a company with one aim; to kill off boring presentations, one PowerPoint at a time by turning important content into memorable experiences that land.

They were after a website for their new business, and with their company ethos in mind, it had to be anything but standard. We got to work!

The team designed and built a maze of a website, with multiple navigation directions that gives users numerous journey options. Each page contains multi-directional scrolling, with animations and fun ‘easter egg’ buttons that transform simple scrolling, into a proper experience.

Of course, the website still needs to be a sales tool, and so we sprinkled clear CTA buttons throughout the site, along with a full-page menu system to get people where they needed to go (a bit like the shortcuts in IKEA).

The website provided many a challenge, and really got our designers and developers thinking – but we’re proud as punch of the end result!

Check it out here

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