Digital Marketing

Getting you heard online

If you’re looking to amplify your brand online, we can help you to plan, produce and monitor digital marketing campaigns that engage with your target audience.

As with all our projects, we begin with a discovery briefing phase, where we get to know you, your objectives and your target audience. With this information we can define a digital marketing strategy, either as a standalone, or as part of a wider project. We’ll identify the specific channels that should be utilised to speak to your target customers and what advertising should be harnessed to get them engaged.

In terms of channels, we’re well versed in all the key ones, such as Google Search and Display ads, paid-for social advertising and content marketing. We’ll manage the whole campaign for you, using our full team to write the content, produce the assets and monitor and report on the performance of your campaign.

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In the first 12-months working with our client ai4process, we achieved:

+ % increase in LinkedIn followers
+ LinkedIn impressions
+ LinkedIn post engagements