“Yes, your bum looks big in that”


Making our clients look good is what gets us all out of bed every single morning – whether it be through a kick-ass video, a beautiful print job, epic social content, or an all-singing, all-dancing marketing campaign. But none of this is possible unless we build client relationships based on the foundations of honesty and transparency.

We ask challenging questions in our initial briefing sessions, not because we enjoy watching you squirm, but because we want to get back to the bare bones of the brief and fully understand what it is you want to achieve. And we like you to challenge us back in return. Our research and insight might tell us that Instagram is the perfect campaign channel but ultimately, you know your Instagram-hating audience much better than us.

We’re also realistic on KPIs. Sure, it would be awesome to get a 150% uplift in your website traffic, but if it’s only increased by 20% in the last two years, it’s not a KPI we’d be confident in signing up for! Before any work begins, we will always have an honest and human conversation with you to lock down KPIs that work for everyone.

As we all know, life isn’t perfect, and things go wrong. The funny thing is, despite everyone knowing this, sometimes people feel pressured to cover things up and put on a brave face for their clients. We’re not in the business of covering things up. If something arises, we’ll always be transparent with you and will work tirelessly until we have a solution.

Here at PW, we’re proud of the client relationships that we have, built on mutual respect and the knowledge that as long as we keep challenging one another, we’ll keep growing and producing exceptional work.

So yes, your bum might look big in that, but it’s a great bum and we’ll work with you to ensure it looks its best.

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